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Remember Your Passport ?
18 Feb 2021

When the government announced that we have passed the milestone of 16 million Covid vaccinations we thought it is time to look forward again. We might still be in lockdown but there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so let’s look ahead and start planning for future travel.

Today we will look at everything around new passport rules and how to renew your passport during Covid. 

It is important to remember that now that we have completed Brexit new rules for entering mainland Europe apply. For many countries you need at least six months validity of your passport, for entering the EU your passport must also be less than ten years old even it has 6 months or more left. I received a text message from the government reminding me to renew my passport if I planned to travel to the EU and it contained the following link to more information:



So if you are like me one of those that have to renew your passport how do you go about it?

The easiest way is to apply for the comfort of your desk. All you need is your digital passport picture and the obvious internet connection, you can even apply on your smartphone. If you do not have a suitable digital picture at hand get one arranged at your local post office or use a photo booth at one of the big supermarkets. The standard fee is £6.00, most of them accept card payments and you will get a set of pictures together with a code for your online passport application.

Go to, fill out the application – you will need your old passport at hand – add your picture, pay your fee and you are done. In my case I had the new passport in the mail after 10 days and I cannot wait to start travelling again!

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