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VIDEO: Are You “Travel Happy?”

Business Travel Advice from a Seasoned Business Traveler
21 Jul 2020

Are you a regular business traveler? Do you often find yourself tired, struggling with jet-lag and generally just struggling to cope with your demanding business travel routine? This one’s for you…

As business travel management consultants, we have dealt with many high profile business travel clients who spend massive amounts of time each year travelling from one business meeting location to the next – all in different countries around the world.

Introducing Paul Sanderson

One such client who we’ve had the privilege of assisting with his business travel over the years is Paul Sanderson, who is the CEO and Founder of The Sanderson Group. Paul sat on approximately 150 flights in 2019 alone as he traveled between London, Beijing, Sydney and New York, to name but a few.

For this reason, and for the benefit of our clients, prospective clients and all business travelers around the world, we thought it would be great to get some first-hand advice on dealing with the many challenges that business traveler’s face when travelling abroad for meetings, conferences and the like.

Key Topics Covered in the Interview

In this interview, Paul discusses his regular travel routine, some tips for staying healthy when travelling, dealing with jet-lag and of course, the benefit of having experienced and qualified business travel managers at your fingertips throughout it all.

We’ve broken the video down into a few key segments for you, so check them out below and please feel free to share any additional advice, feedback or general comments that you might have with us in the comments section.

The Highlights

Part 1: Paul discusses his routine when preparing for a flight:

Part 2: Dealing with Jet-lag

Part 3: The Golden Rule when Traveling:

Part 4: Paul provides his thoughts on the benefits of having personable travel managers at your fingertips

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