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Streamline Your Business Travel Booking Process with Our Seamless Agency & Bespoke SLA’s

15 Mar 2024

Streamlining Business Travel: Bespoke quotes by VMR Travel


Imagine a business travel agency that not only understands the urgency but also embraces it. This is where VMR Travel stands out, offering a groundbreaking bespoke Service Level Agreement (SLA) from the initial email request to providing a detailed quote, ensuring a seamless and swift booking process for our clients.

The Power of Time:

In an era where deadlines are tight and schedules are demanding, the traditional process of waiting for travel quotes can be a bottleneck. Recognizing this need for speed, VMR Travel has set a new industry standard by committing to bespoke SLA’s from the moment they receive an initial email request.

Requirements Taken with Precision:

Upon receiving the client’s email, VMR Travel initiates a process that is marked by precision and attention to detail. The dedicated team swiftly gathers all necessary requirements, understanding the specific needs and preferences of the business traveller.

Options Given in Record Time:

Once the requirements are captured, VMR Travel doesn’t waste a moment. Leveraging our extensive network of partners and utilizing advanced booking systems, we quickly generate a curated list of travel options.

Effortless Booking Process:

With the options laid out, we take the proactive approach of presenting a detailed email quote within the promised one-hour timeframe. This quote includes all relevant details, from flight options and hotel accommodations to ground transportation arrangements.

Client-Centric Approach:

The commitment to bespoke SLA’s is not just about speed; it’s a testament to VMR Travel’s client-centric philosophy. Recognizing the value of our clients’ time, our agency aims to make the entire booking process effortless.

For those seeking a travel partner that understands the urgency of corporate travel, we stand as a beacon of reliability, ensuring a quick and effortless booking process for every client. Get in touch to partner with VMR Travel today.

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