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Useful Travel Tools: Finding your way world wide – Rome2Rio

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08 Sep 2019

Have you ever been in a foreign country and wondered how to get from A to B? All is well if you find an English speaking person to ask for help but what if you are in France and nobody speaks English?

Do not despair, here is help: Rome2rio is a fantastic tool that has helped us out on numerous occasions and it is so good that we want to share it with you. While it has been around since 2011 this Australian gem is certainly gaining more popularity with an ever increasing number of users recognizing how well integrated it is. It is a simple door-to-door travel tool that allows you to plan every single aspect of your journey ahead. Type in your post code as a departure point and your airport as your destination and you will be offered every possible mode of transportation with bus and even river boat schedules showing. Taxis will be shown and so will be ubers with accurate travel times. For bus journeys you will be given the bus number as well as the stop number where available, fare information is being displayed for all chargeable means of transportation and where possible links have been integrated to connect you to the suppliers webpages or apps to let you book your tickets or make reservations. There are plenty of links available to find out more about your destination and to provide you with additional information. We have found it to be a highly accurate source of information and we have reliably used it in Indonesia, Peru, the USA and various European countries. Rome2rio can be accessed on your browser or just download the app in your android or apple store.

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