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Useful Travel Tools: Your Baggage Allowance

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09 Sep 2019

Nothing causes more confusion these days than the baggage allowance and we receive a lot of questions what the allowance is, how and where to find it and what it depends on. Here’s VMR’s guide on baggage allowance:

Your allowance for checked in luggage ( also known as hold luggage ) as well as for your hand luggage depends on the following factors:

Cabin Class you are travelling in
Ticket category within the cabin class of travel
Frequent flyer membership and  status
Route you are flying

In general first and business class passengers can take more luggage than economy class passengers and if you are travelling in economy make sure your ticket includes luggage as that is not a given anymore.

The standard baggage allowance for economy class is 23kilos and the maximum weight for any single checked in piece of luggage must never exceed 32kilos even if that means you have to pay for excess luggage. The standard size for any suitcase is limited to a maximum of 70cmX50cmX38cm or a total of 158cm max. There are some airlines that will give you a higher allowance like Ethiopian ( 2x23kilos ) and Etihad if you book the higher fares ( economy booking classes L/Q/M/K/H/B/Y) or Icelandair in Economy Comfort. Check the fare conditions at the time of booking as it may work out cheaper to purchase a higher fare or even swap to another airline. Pay attention when you book Emirates as their baggage allowance for their lowest economy class fares now starts at 15kilos and that can turn into a bad surprise at the airport!

Business and first class

In business and first class the allowance generally starts at 30kilos per bag with a minimum of two bags allowed, first class usually comes with three bags or even more.

Frequent fliers

Frequent fliers also often get the benefit of an additional allowance – Emirates silver and gold card holders get an extra 12/16 kilos for example. If you are a frequent flier check with your airline or ask us, we have the up-to-date information and will advise at time of booking.

Our allowance also depends on your route. Traditionally the baggage allowance for flights to and from the USA and Canada was 2 suitcases per 32 kilos each, it was called the piece concept. That has largely disappeared as airlines have shifted to the more profitable weight concept but some airlines like Emirates still apply the piece concept on their US bound flights as well as for all flights originating in Africa. On flights to South America LATAM Airlines still offer 2 pieces provided you book their highest economy fare, all other economy fares will allow only  for one piece (23kilos) .

Hand luggage

The general standard is a maximum size of  56cm x 35cm x 22cm and a max of 114cm total all added up with a total weight of  7kilos even though some airlines allow up to 12 kilos. It does include the weight of your bag or trolley, check online or speak with us to confirm your allowance and remember that it needs to fit into the little sizewise box at the checkin counter. Check in agents are within their rights to weigh and size your hand luggage and to take it off you, check it in and can even charge you for it. In any case whatever you take on board must fit into the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you. If you are in an emergency exit or bulkhead row remember you will have less space to store your hand luggage.

Equally important when it comes to hand luggage is to remember is that you must not take any more than 100ml of a restricted liquid onto a plane, and those liquids should be placed into individual 100ml containers. All containers must fit into a clear, resealable plastic bag no larger than 20cm by 20cm, and each passenger may only have one bag. If you want more information on current hand luggage regulation check

Last but not least if you are on connecting flights maybe even with different carriers please ensure have familiarized yourself with every airline’s baggage policy.
They can be found online or you can ask us – we always have the information at hand!
Happy travels!

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